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Kay’s School of Floristry

Kay’s School of floristry - Dublin, Ireland | Phone: (+353) 01 453 8649

Ireland’s leading school in commercial flower arranging and floristry
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Member of the Irish Floristry Guild

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Kays School of Floristry is Irelands leading commercial flower arranging and floristry school.  Supplier of Brooch Bouquet Training and Distant Learning Kits.  Designer of Bespoke Heirloom Bridal Brooch Bouquets. Large selection Wholesale Brooches For Sale.

Kay’s School of Floristry

465 South Circular Rd.

Dublin 8.


Tel. +353 01 4538649


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Distant Learning Kits

We deliver Beginners & Advanced Courses in Flower Arranging, Sympathy & Funeral Tributes Courses, Hand Tied Bouquets Courses, Bridal & Wedding Floristry Courses, Church, Hotel & Event Flower Design Courses and Wedding Brooch Bouquets

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Why Choose Kay’s Flower School & Brooch Bouquet Training?

We are Ireland’s only Full Time Flower School training students from beginners level to a commercial professional level where you can learn to become a florist.

We offer courses in Floral Arrangement Courses, Funeral Flower Design Courses, Wedding Flowers & Floristry Courses, Wedding  Bouquets, Church & Event Floral Courses & Brooch Bouquet Training Courses.

We have been training Florists for over 28 years and we are reconised as one of the leading floristry schools in Ireland with many of our past students now owning or running their own Flower Shop.

All our tutors are City & Guilds qualified teachers & experts in their fields.  They are constantly updating their teaching and floristry skills.  They have a vast amount of Flower Arranging and Floristry experience and look forward to sharing all their skills, tips professional secrets and trade advice with you.

We are Ireland’s leading Flower  School and are the only Wedding Brooch Bouquet Designers & Trainers offering distant learning kits in Ireland.  We post our Brooch Bouquets kits world wide every day.

Our Tutors have immeasurable experience as both florists/ flower designers and trainers.  Having successfully managed profitably Flower Shops we are passionate about passing on our skills and our enormous amount of knowledge & expertise to you our students.  As teachers we are constantly up-skilling and keeping up with the changing trends within the flower industry so our students learn the latest designs and techniques.  Our aim at the school is to make our training fun, practical, hand-on and productive.  

We are proud to be the first Flower School in Europe to offer Distance Learning Brooch Bouquet training and these kits  are shipped worldwide with our distant learning students achieving amazing results.  (as seen on TV3 –Ireland am)

We are nationally recognised for training successful commercial florists and our graduates are recognised for that and are regularly in demand, we are the first port of call for many flower shops when they are looking to employ staff.

Our Wedding Brooch Bouquets and our trained Brooch Bouquet designers are recognised now all over Ireland and indeed world-wide for their unique skills and designs.

Training as a florist is a rewarding exciting career that can lead you up many paths, meet new people, open doors to life changing opportunities.  Many of our past students have went on to open their own Florist Shops & Freelance Businesses.  We are proud of all our students who are creating amazing designs all around the world.

Our Flower School is independent of any shop, wholesaler or floral supplier. This means we will tell you trade secrets and advise you on your options and assist you without prejudice should you choose to set up business.

We aim to keep our classes small to ensure you receive individual attention throughout your training. We want you to enjoy your course so we keep it as practical as possible , so we keep writing and note taking to a minimum by providing you with detailed comprehensive notes and we encourage you to take photos each step of the way.

Our Aim as a Commercial Floristry and Flower Arranging School is to make our industry more accessible to everyone.

During your course we supply you with everything, your flowers, sundries and any other accessories you need to train with while at the school and everything you design is yours to take home.

We do not take apart your arrangements to reuse your flowers on another arrangement, all your flower arrangements, bouquets and designs are yours to take home.  We supply you with a wide selection of both flowers & foliage to give you the opportunity to experience working with flowers that may not be available in your local supermarkets.

During your training we rid you of any bad habits and show you the professional commercial short cuts and trade secrets. 

We provide you with a full backup and a 100% support service to all our students, whether its advice on costing, pricing, techniques, dealing with clients etc, we are always here to assist long after your course is completed

All of our Floristry courses are open to anyone who has an interest in flowers .  

Our students range from 17 to 70 and from all walks of life.  It is this diversity that makes our classes so enjoyable and fulfilling.

We look forward to seeing you at the school soon

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